Moving ahead

So the concept development phase is going slowly. Eric Raymond (author of fetchmail) mentions (here: that developers are more likely to jump on-board if there is a baseline design to improve upon/complain about. So for a while, I’m going to rely a little less on collaboration, and provide a little more design guidance.

3 comments on “Moving ahead
  1. Jon Riley says:

    After making substantial positive, constructive contributions in each category to assist your programme in the last 24 hours, it is certainly disappointing that every one of my considered contributions has been removed without any rememberence or reply.

    If respect for the community of contributors is not in your charter then good luck with finding assistance, sponsorship or support from others.

  2. Mark Fisher says:

    Is anybody else having some difficulty submitting messages in the, “contact” section?

  3. Aaron Marburg says:

    Yes! Go for it. Let’s get a strawman to really start poking holes in.

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