There can can’t be only one

OpenAUV has had a long hiatus.  Why?  I could blame my own need to focus on generating income for a while.  But I think I also have been disheartened that many (but not all) OpenAUV members have disagreed with some of my fundamental assumptions about how the vehicle should be designed.

But perhaps the concept of “the vehicle design” is part of the problem. What if there were a set of vehicle designs, each with its own set of champions?  Can the designs share sub-system designs?  If so, then what is the definitive list of  subsystems?  Can one design fork/branch another’s subsystem? These are the questions I will ponder over the next few weeks as this site is redesigned.

One comment on “There can can’t be only one
  1. Phil Marcelino says:

    I have been poking my head in every so often, so I’m partially to blame as well, but I’m willing to help out when the project gains traction again.

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